What should you expect at Life Choices?

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At Life Choices of North Central Louisiana, your confidentiality is a top priority. You can count on us to be discreet in providing you with the quality care and resources that you deserve.

We understand that discussing your health and body is a personal and often sensitive matter, which is why the information you share with us is considered confidential and will never be shared with anyone outside of our team. Additionally, only authorized personnel will have access to medical information or any other sensitive information that you share with us.

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At Life Choices, you will be met with a caring environment with a professional staff that respects you and your body. We see our clients for the unique and capable individuals that they are, and we understand the courage it takes to seek help from somewhere new.

During your visit to our center, our team will not judge you, pressure you, or treat you with anything but our absolute best. We will provide you with a safe and caring environment where you can share your concerns freely and be met with empathy and the care required to address those concerns.

Information and Options

At Life Choices, we believe that you deserve to be well-informed on matters that impact your body and health. We are committed to providing our clients with accurate and honest information on an array of subjects including pregnancy symptoms, abortion, adoption, parenting, STDs, and sexual health. Our licensed nurses can provide you with the information and resources needed to make the best decision for your body.

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.