865-800What are mail-order abortion pills?

Also known as Plan C, mail-order chemical abortion pills that can be prescribed up to 10 weeks gestational age through a telemedicine visit with a doctor and received in the mail from a mail order pharmacy.

Sounds convenient, so what is wrong with that?

Well, first of all…

Chemical abortion poses risks such as:

  • an incomplete or failed abortion, where the fetus is viable or remains in the womb (this can cause serious infections)
  • an undetected ectopic pregnancy, which can be dangerous and is a medical emergency
  • blood clots remaining in the uterus
  • heavy bleeding

Not to mention...

Chemical abortions are not advised if:

  • You are too far along in your pregnancy. You shouldn't attempt a medical abortion if you've been pregnant for more than nine weeks (after the start of your last period). Some types of medical abortion aren't done after seven weeks of pregnancy.
  • Have an intrauterine device (IUD).
  • Have a suspected pregnancy outside of the uterus (ectopic pregnancy).
  • Have certain medical conditions. These include bleeding disorders; certain heart or blood vessel diseases; severe liver, kidney or lung disease; or an uncontrolled seizure disorder.
  • Take a blood thinner or certain steroid medications.
  • Can't make follow-up visits to your doctor or don't have access to emergency care.
  • Have an allergy to the medications used.

Plus, emergency symptoms of serious complications may include:

  • severe pain
  • fever
  • excessively heavy bleeding (defined as going through two or more pads within an hour span)
  • strong-smelling vaginal discharge
  • passing clots for two or more hours that are larger than the size of a lemon

That sounds bad, so how can I stay healthy?

It is important that you understand the need for visits with your health care provider AND that you have access to a medical care facility in case of an emergency.

How can you guys help me?

At Life Choices, we can offer you a free pregnancy test and ultrasound to help you know for sure if your pregnancy is in the uterus and estimate the gestational age of your pregnancy.

We care about you and your health and safety.

Knowledge is power, choose to know.





We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.